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Source Stock Direct From Retail Clients Looking To Trade / Sell Their Cars.

Buy stock from the only brand specific trade tool in the UK.

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All listings on Lotus Trader are detailed. The forms that our clients use to list their cars are created by industry professionals with the industry in mind.

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Use Lotus Trader to list overage stock and / or Part Exchanges to the trade. This tool ensures you get maximum value as the cars are placed specifically in front of Lotus buyers located throughout the UK.

No Subscription Fees!

We don't charge subscription fees! Our trade services are free to use you only pay a commission on the cars that you purchase.

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Dealer FAQs

The concept is very simple yet very effective, by offering your car to more buyers not only are you likely to get more for it but it ensures you get the true trade value for your car.

Rather than negotiating with one dealer we turn the traditional process of trading your car upside down by putting your Lotus in front of dealers and specialists through the UK. The best bit? you can do it all from the comfort of your home! Lotus Trader helps re-balance the relationship between car owners and professional car buyers, making sure you get the best possible price.

Unlike a private sale or an online auction, you're dealing with seasoned and respected industry professionals who have been checked out by us. They have the money and a constant need for new vehicles, meaning that you can sell your car quickly to someone you trust.

We only disclose your contact details to someone who has made a firm offer to buy your car - so you'll only get a call from a serious buyer. What's more, it's completely free, with no admin charges in the small print.

We have designed Lotus Trader to be as quick, easy and efficient as possible. Simply enter your car details using the form above, upload a few photos, let us know about its service history and any damage... and that's it

Your car will then be advertised to interested buyers across the UK. They'll compete with each other on price and service, making sure you get the best possible deal.

We can provide you with an immediate offer for your Lotus irrespective of any age and with any mileage. Because we are partnered with not only main dealers but reputable specialists we accept any car which bears a Lotus badge, this includes accident damaged, previously accident repaired, high mileage, race cars and classics we have buyer for everything.

No, Lotus Trader is always free for sellers: we don't charge for valuations or any other part of the sales process. That's just one of the reasons our sellers get up to £3000 more when they sell a car with us.

By advertising your car to the Lotus network across the UK, Lotus Trader makes dealers compete for your car. It maximises the price you can get when compared with a trade-in or sale to a traditional dealer or car buying service.

As a general guide, you should expect to get more than online car buying services and a competitive price when compared to part-exchange values.

As a general rule, it is likely to be less than you would achieve from a private sale, but you will benefit from all the convenience and reassurance of dealing with vetted, trustworthy buyers.

Remember that the price of the same model will usually be higher on the forecourt, because the dealer will need to cover their own costs and profit margin when they sell.

More than 80% of the cars bought on Lotus Trader are collected direct from the seller's driveway. Every offer you receive will make it clear how the car is to be handed over, letting you choose the perfect offer for you based on price and convenience.